1. Internet website

Before using the websites ;; we ask you to carefully review the presented terms of use. Access and using the site with contained materials by the user are conditioned on accepting and completely obeying presented terms. If a user refuses to accept presented terms, he should immediately leave the website and stop any other usage of materials gained via the website.

The content (further ‘the content’) of the website is prepared by TDC-TOP DESIGN CHUDZYŃSCY SPÓŁKA JAWNA (further ‘TDC’) and is protected by the copyright and related laws, industrial property regulation, including trade signs, regulations concerning patterns and regulations about unfair competition.

The content includes the structure , graphical project (including colors, fonts, graphical screen layout) and also all the information and available elements on or via the website, such as: documents, articles, photographs, content and logic of the menu-offer layout, content and logic of the menu-shop layout, product presentation systematics , index product system, every element enabling presentation and choice of products such as additional information facilitating moving around the,, shop offer as emblems visualizing the products’ characteristics, additional descriptions of products’ characteristics, product usage descriptions, all illustrations, pictures presenting products, also used graphics from offer subpages, trade signs and logo (especially those being the property of TDC-TOP DESIGN CHUDZYŃSCY SPÓŁKA JAWNA), data, database, still or animated graphics.

The presented content is TDC’s exclusive property, its technical services suppliers or other third parties which authorized TDC collectively or any of these partnerships solely to use them.

Copyrights and other rights to materials available on this site are TDC’s property.

Copying, spreading and/or using all the content or its part in any way and to any aim are forbidden without previous written TDC agreement with the exception of using it to private aims, in accordance with widely known law regulations.

The user mustn’t share any part of this website as an element of other website in a frame opened via internet hyperlink, or in any other way.

This website and its content mustn’t be used for creating any kind of a database and also mustn’t be stored (in total or parts) in databases so as to access them, by the user or any other third party, or in order to distribute any database including whole or part of the website or its content.

2. Disclaimer

Information included on this website is passed to the user for his own, inside purposes, without any kind of statement nor warranty regarding precision and information completeness, also without other warranties of any kind, including any implied quality warranty, in accordance with the intended use, utility regarding chosen aim or law inviolability in the range of authorized by the binding polish law regulations.

Under no circumstances TDC is responsible regarding any subject for any indirect, direct side harms due to using this website or relying on any information or materials shared via it or via any other websites to which there’s a hyperlink that this website possesses, among others a compensation for loss of profits, disturbance in business activity or loss of data, even if TDC was clearly informed about a possibility of such damages. Some jurisdictions don’t allow to exclude implied warranties and statements, thus previous exclusions may not be obligatory in a case of some users.

3. Privacy policy

Part I. The scope

TDC-TOP DESIGN CHUDZYŃSCY SPÓŁKA JAWNA located in Chwaszczyno, Oliwska 166, 80-209 (hereinafter "TDC") is the Controller defined by the REGULATION (EU) OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 27 April 2016. on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (for facilitating, it will be named hereinafter "General Data Protection Regulation" or "GDPR"), regarding our Clients' personal data being individuals. It means that TDC sets the purposes and ways of processing Clients' Personal Data on its own and on its own responsibility. In case of any questions or doubts regarding protection of your Personal Data by TDC, contact TDC at: Personal Data are any kind of information that can identify you, such as your name and surname, company’s name telephone number, e-mail address and the delivery address for the shopping made in the TDC online shop. In this document, when we are using the term "process" or "processing", we mean any actions and operations performed on your Personal Data (e.g. storing them or analyzing them for performing the service).

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is determining actions performing by TDC regarding Personal Data Protection, including those collected via and connected services and the tools used by Clients for performing actions such as Registration, posting or viewing the offer and performing many other, connected to the above, services, regarding Clients using TDC. Any actions performed by us are subject to the law regulations regarding Data Protection, for example, General Data Protection Regulation. Our Privacy Policy is subject to Polish law regulations, and General Data Protection Regulation.

Your using of TDC online shop, is only possible after getting familiar with the provisions of this Privacy Policy and the Online shop policy.

By clicking the link available on the TDC website you can be transferred to websites which are part of the service of the Parties other than TDC therefore, out of our indirect or direct control, in which the process of processing data, including gathering personal data is conducted in line with these defined rules, e.g. in the policy on Data Protection in services or applications, including in the cases described below.

Part II. Processing of the Personal Data by TDC, including processing and storing

Beneath, we have described the most frequent actions on the Clients' Personal Data, therefore on yours, as well, regarding the use of TDC service TDC service.

Contact data and profile data: creating an account by the Client may request giving the Client's identification information, including his contact data. Such data can include e.g. name and surname od the Client, company's name, his e-mail address and mailing address as well as data required for issuing the invoice such as, tax exempt number, or company ID number. According to the chosen way, the Clients have possibility of creating a Client's profile which includes other data for example, name and surname company’s name, tax exempt number, company ID number, address telephone number or an e-mail address.

Transaction: regarding execution of the sales process, TDC can process and store Client's data in the internal program of handling the accounting-selling service - HURT.

Customer Service: TDC at the TDC website, can store and process in another way (e.g. store or analyze) Client's personal data who contact TDC sales department. Such data can be essential for keeping the communication with the Client (e.g. answering the questions asked by him), but also for fulfilling his requests. The contact will be possible through using the data on the Client's account. If it's allowed by the law, TDC will be also entitled to obtaining (and processing in another way, for example, storing) other personal data that include communication with the Clients, e.g. information regarding the requests of supporting or regarding the feedback from the Users.

Data gather by the website and mobile applications: When it's necessary for providing services to the Clients or is a justified business for TDC or the third parties (which is, for example, providing all IT resources), TDC is entitled to obtaining and registering automatically the data in the form of the IP address passed onto the server through browsers or Clients' devices.

Completing the obtained data: TDC is entitled to completing the information from the Clients with the data obtained by law (for example, when the Client gave his consent) from business partners and external parties.

Promotional activities: From time to time, TDC organizes promotional activities. Users' data who voluntary take part in the promotional activities are processed by TDC according to the legal regulations and in line with the promotional activities' purposes. The User can resign in every moment from receiving the information about the promotion, in the same way as he gave his consent.

Enquiries: TDC is entitled, by the given consent, to sending on the Clients' e-mail address, the enquiries in which it will present the offer up-to-date, and the retail and warehouse prices of the offered products.

Part III. IP Address and cookie files.

As well as so many of the other internet online services, offering a great range of services fulfilled online, TDC can store within the online platform service TDC, the data with the technology such as cookie files, tracking pixels and objects shared locally (e.g. in the browser or on the device). About how TDC uses such technology, we write here.

Part IV. Using the gathered data

TDC processes (e.g. gathers, stores, analyzes etc.) the Clients' personal data in TDC for following purposes:

  • providing the service for the Client, including solving technical issues;
  • setting and managing the Client's profile on the website;
  • enabling using fully the online shop
  • monitoring the activities of all and certain Clients includes, inter alia, searching of keywords, posting the offer, and managing the traffic in the TDC online shop;
  • contacting the Clients, including for purposes connected to providing the service, customer service, allowed marketing actions, through the available communication channels, especially e-mail and telephone;
  • . conducting the researches and analyzes of the TDC platform, inter alia, regarding functioning of the platform, improving working of the available services or estimating main interests and needs of the viewers;
  • providing the security in the electronical services, including enforcing complying with the TDC policy and prevention against the scams and abuses;
  • complaint service;
  • adjusting the ads to the previously viewed content;
  • running the direct marketing of own, TDC offer, of the TDC shop products or services or products of the third parties;
  • handling the Clients' requests, especially passed to the Sales Department;
  • organizing of the loyalty program, contests and promotional action, in which the Clients can take part in;
  • wperforming the duties that emerge from the legal regulations, including the tax and accountant ones;
  • support for dispatching the goods by the DHL courier;
  • support for insurance of the bought product;
  • carrying out the judicial, arbitration and mediation proceedings;;
  • statistical;
  • archiving;;
  • providing the accountability.

TDC jest uprawniona do przechowywania zgromadzonych danych wyłącznie w zakresie realizacji powyżej określonych celów biznesowych.

Part V. Sharing data

If it is in line with the Client's consent or the justified TDC business, TDC can share the Clients' personal data to other internet services run by TDC e.g. to TDC Facebook profile. In such case, every Client, whose personal data has been shared, will be explicitly notified.

TDC is not passing to the third parties Clients' personal data, without the consent of the concerned clients, unless one of the following situation occurs:

  • TDC can cooperate with third parties (e.g. specialized suppliers of the data storing services or analytical services) in order to provide us the services by these parties. In such case, those parties are not authorized to use the Clients ‘personal data on their own (data will always be processed on behalf and for TDC), and their actions will be subject to legal regulations and this Privacy Policy;
  • TDC can share Clients' personal data to the public authorities supporting TDC against the scams and abuses in TDC, including the ongoing proceedings regarding possible infringement or fighting against other possible violations of the policy.

Including the Privacy Policy TDC is obliged not to sell Clients' personal data. In case of restructuring or selling of the company or its part and moving of the whole asset or its major part onto the new owner, the personal data of the Clients can be transferred onto the buyers, in order to provide continuity of the TDC service.

Regarding the necessity of preventing the performance of some functions on the TDC platform by the bots, we use the Google reCAPTCHA mechanism for occasional tests whether the users' activities do not indicate that they are bots. Therefore, TDC can share with Google Inc. your IP address.

TDC can share the anonymized data (i.e. such data that will not reveal certain users) to the external service providers, trusted affiliates or to test agencies in order to improve general quality of the services provided by TDC or the mentioned parties or taking part in the scientific research that bring a broadly understood social benefit.

Part VI. Control methods from the User's side

We have prepared the special instruction for the Clients, who would like to use their rights given to them with the GDPR. This document explicitly describes how the Users can execute their rights against TDC. and it's available at instruction link.

The user who will use the objection right given to him by the GDPR, should log out from all of his devices and delete cookies files (in certain cases, the process might take even up to 48h).

The choice of external parties: Certain external parties which website links are at TDC website, enable the Clients making a choice regarding withdrawing the consent for gathering and using by it, the personal data, for ad purposes that base on the Client's activity.

Cookies files: Most of the known desktop or mobile browsers (e.g. Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera) share the possibility of limiting or blocking the usage of cookies files in the Client’s system. However, it's worth noticing that disabling cookies in the browser, in respect of the first category domain (visited websites) and other domains (websites of other companies, not visited directly) can results in limiting the websites' functionalities

Part VII. Security

All data gathered by TDC are protected by the use of rational and organizational means and the security procedures, in order to secure them against access of the unauthorized people or against their unauthorized usage. Parties connected with TDC, trusted affiliates or external service providers, are obliged to manage the data in line with TDC security requirements and privacy policy.

Part VIII. Amendment of the provisions

In case of the necessity, TDC can change the provisions of this Privacy Policy, about which it will immediately inform its Clients.

Part IX. Contact data

Questions regarding the Privacy Policy can be directed in the e-mail form at: .

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The Controller of Personal Data is TDC-TOP DESIGN CHUDZYŃSCY SPÓŁKA JAWNA located in Chwaszczyno ul. Oliwska 166, 80-209 (hereinafter referred to as: Company). The Controller appointed Data Protection Officer who can be reached at via e-mail, or via mail: ul. Oliwska 166, 80-209 Chwaszczyno. Personal Data will be processed for purposes such as sending commercial information by the Company regarding Company’s offers, in the electronic or telephonic form (depending on preferences), or sharing the Personal Data to the delivery company including: name and surname, address and telephone number to fill in the order, based on the consent, in Article 6, point 1 of Regulation, (EU) 2016/679 of the European parliament and of the council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (hereinafter referred to as GDPR). Personal Data can be shared with the employees or co-workers of the Company, as well as with the entities helping the Company by performing the commissioned services in line with the processing agreements. Each person has the right to access the content of their data, and rectify, delete, limit, move the processed data, has the right to raise objections regarding the data processed, and the right to revoke the consent at any time without the impact on accordance with the right of processing, as well has the right to file a complaint to the European Commission Data Protection Officer if he recognizes that processing violates GDPR regulations. Giving the personal data is voluntary.